Creative gift ideas this Christmas

Present Ideas

Are you lacking in inspiration this year when it comes to gifts for loved ones? Are you wanting to be a bit more creative than usual with what you choose to gift? This blog will hopefully provide you with some new and creative ideas to inspire you when buying Christmas presents for loved ones this year.

This year will be a little different than usual, hence why we need to get a little creative with our present giving ideas. One of our favourite ideas here at the Frying Pan Pizza Company is the idea of a virtual cheese and wine tasting. A lovely experience to gift a cheese and wine lover with this Christmas, and also a great way to have fun with friends! A range of different companies offering the hosting of these cheese and wine nights, such as Additionally, buying someone a virgin experience day is always a nice gift and something to look forward to next year when things are hopefully back to normal!

Something very festive which we love the idea of is the mulled wine kits provided on What a lovely way to surprise someone this Christmas than with the ingredients and instructions to make delicious mulled wine at home!

Furthermore, we all know that plants have really made a comeback, everyone is keen to fill their homes with beautiful greenery, especially since we are spending a lot more time there these days…Therefore, a lovely idea may be to gift someone with a little plant to look after and nurture. Websites such as have a great selection of plants to choose from which all come with their own name and little personality, a great way to match someone to their perfect plant!

Other thoughtful ideas we love include getting a portrait printed or painted of something or someone special to them, such as a pet! There is nothing better than a present which shows you have really thought it through.

You could also look at buying them a card or a board game, something to keep them busy and having fun whilst staying safe indoors! Alternatively, money may be tough for many this coming year, so you could offer to pay for one of their favourite memberships to a magazine or website for the next year…

Of course, another great gifting idea is to gift any pizza lovers with a pizza kit to make in their own home just using a frying pan! Frying Pan Pizza Company will soon be introducing gift cards to make this easier than ever before.

Finally, if you are still stuck for a creative gift idea, is a great website to explore. You are guaranteed to find something you have never previously come across!