Fun things to do this lockdown

Fun things to do in Lockdown

Another lockdown has been put in place across England, requiring us all to stay in our homes except for essential exclusions. This means many of us now find ourselves in a situation where we are looking to find or create our own fun from within the safety and comfort of our homes.  

After a little research, we have picked out some great alternative activities you can try, whether you are looking to entertain your children and family, you want to recreate a date night at home with your partner, or you miss having fun with your friends, there is something for everyone.

During the last lockdown, virtual quizzes were a definite trend, with people holding weekly pub quizzes with family and friends all over the country. If you are someone that enjoyed this trend you should bring it back! There are a range of different platforms available to use, although Zoom seems to be the most popular, you could also try using Jitsi Meet, Slack, or Google Meet.

Alternatively, if you are slightly bored of the pub quiz idea, you could spice up a Zoom call by hosting a virtual cocktail making party instead. There are a variety of companies offering cocktail making kits, where each participant will get everything they need sent to their front door. Some companies even offer a mixologist to join the call and guide you through the cocktail making! A great option is offered by .

 If you are someone who is frustrated that the gyms have been closed, or you are simply looking to get fitter this lockdown. A great option is getting involved with Joe Wicks 9 am workouts held on his YouTube channel- The Body Coach TV. They are all free and suitable for all levels of fitness, this means you can get the kids involved and create some family fun whilst getting fit!

Perhaps, this lockdown you want to improve on your culinary skills, or just have a little fun in the kitchen… If so, you should try out a food kit, with so many options available on the market, there really is a food kit for every meal! We of course recommend trying out a frying pan pizza kit, which supplies you with all the necessary ingredients to make an authentic Neapolitan pizza, using a frying pan! Alternatively, if you are looking to make something sweet, try out a DIY doughnut-making kit…

Finally, if you are looking to personally improve yourself during this lockdown, you could commit yourself to begin learning a language. This can be done with the kids as a fun little activity or with a partner, as you can test each other’s knowledge. Some great places to get started are either Duolingo or Babbel.

Therefore, do not allow this lockdown to stop you have fun and creating memories with the ones you love, get creative, and try something new!