Rise of the Meal Kit


Meal kits


In 2019 figures show that five million food kits were ordered every month in the UK. It is unsurprising, given the current circumstances that this number is on a continuous rise. The industry has seen exponential growth since the county was put into lockdown in March of this year.  It has been reported that in the month following the initial lockdown, spending on food kits soared an incredible 114%. People are choosing the option of ordering food kits to feed them and their families for a variety of reasons

One of the main contributing factors to the rise in the food kit industry’s success must be attributed to time. The delivery of a food kit saves consumers the time and energy from going to the shops to source the correct ingredients. Not only this, but the kits often include a simple recipe or instruction card to follow, further saving time. This is especially important to most consumers that are ordering these kits, who often work full time and are always looking to save time where possible.

Another dimension of food kits is that they allow people to teach themselves to cook and experience new recipes and cuisines, that they may not usually attempt due to worrying about difficulty or sourcing new ingredients.

A good example is of course pizza kits, they make what people usually presume is something difficult and timely to do from scratch, both easy and simple. They will often include ready-made fresh dough balls, eliminating the stress of making dough from scratch and they have instructions to make them in a frying pan, eliminating the need for a fancy or expensive pizza oven!

 Finally, many have attributed the new growth in food kit ordering down to the activity they provide. For most people, being stuck in lockdown found people looking for ways to emulate normal life in a new way. Therefore, people were on the search for new ways to conduct date nights in their homes or fun days inside for the kids. This is where food kits stepped in to fill this void. People were able to have fun and learn new skills, all in the safety of their own homes.


The food kit options available are only continuing to grow. Therefore, if you are yet to try one out, this is a sign to give them a go!