Takeaway Pizza Review

Takeaway pizza


Takeaway food has understandably seen an acceleration this year, due to the ongoing pandemic. Brits have been forced to choose to eat in as restrictions have increased around the country. Pizza is one of our nation’s favourite takeaway choices to indulge in at home, therefore, we thought it would be useful to know which pizza takeaways rate highly and which do not.

 Let us begin with one of the leading pizza brands in the UK, Dominos.  Dominos has over 1,100 stores in the UK and is a household name when it comes to ordering a takeaway pizza. Many loyal customers that would never dream of ordering from anywhere else, however, many believe that dominoes is just not worth the money. Whilst it delivers an ‘ok’ pizza, it is not hard to believe that you can get a better pizza for less elsewhere. One thing which dominoes does rate highly on is their sides. So, if you are looking to order a takeaway pizza with all the sides, perhaps Dominos is your best choice.

Another classic pizza takeaway chain is Pizza Hut, founded in the US and expanded to the UK since 1973! Whilst Pizza Hut has a great chain of restaurants, many believe that the actual pizza is not all it cracks up to be. A takeaway pizza from Pizza Hut is on a similar price band to Dominos, however, it has been described as having minimal flavour and a low-quality dough. Therefore, if you are prepared to spend on the higher end of a pizza takeaway, we would definitely recommend Dominos over Pizza Hut.

Furthermore, there is Papa Johns. Another leader in the pizza takeaway field also founded in the US.  A Papa John Pizza takeaway is more mid-range in price, however has been known to be very greasy in comparison to the others. If a lot of grease does not bother you, these pizzas have been described as fairly tasty… Perhaps this would be an ideal choice after a night out, in an attempt to curb a hangover.

Finally, an upcoming chain in pizza delivery is Franco Manca. The pizzas from Franco Manca have continuously been described quite positively, as it is rated highly on the quality of the dough and flavour of the overall pizza. Perhaps this is an option if you are looking to try out a different pizza takeaway to your usual. Another positive of Franco Manca is that it is incredibly affordable in comparison to the other chains mentioned above.

This was a short review of some of the biggest pizza takeaway chains in the UK, we acknowledge that there are many more options available, and perhaps your best option may be your local pizzeria just down the road!  However, if you only have a large chain available to you, this blog may help you out with your decision…