The release of our new dough balls

Dough Balls

This week FPPC has answered the people’s prayers and we are excited to share that we now offer the option to buy our original fresh dough balls on their own!

We decided to find a way to offer this option as we understand that some people enjoy getting creative with their pizzas and do not just want to buy a pizza kit all ready to go. We also understand that many people simply do not have time or effort to go about making their own dough. Therefore, this dough-only option is a perfect middle ground.

The dough balls are made using our original recipe, which only ever contains 00 Caputo flour. We use this flour as we have found it is the best for creating an aerated dough, soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. This is due to its low gluten content compared to most flours.

The dough balls come in packs of 4, so these are perfect for a fulfilled family evening of pizza making or even an activity-based dinner party, the options are endless…

In the coming weeks, we will be creating a page full of recipe ideas for those looking for inspiration and something a little different to try with their dough balls. We are also working on the perfect recipe to expand our doughball collection, so keep your eyes peeled!