Visiting some of Naples famous pizzerias


Visiting pizzerias in Naples

Recently, The Frying Pan Pizza Company team took a trip to Naples, on a fact-finding mission. The aim was to discover some hidden Neapolitan pizza secrets, in order to make our pizza kits to the highest and most authentic quality as possible. Of course, this involved trying out some of the most famous and sought after pizzerias in the city.

Our first stop was the Antica Pizzeria Port’alba, which was one of the first official pizzerias in Naples, founded in 1738. This pizzeria served a pizza with tomatoes and mozzarella before the Margherita took its name in 1889! Port’alba served us some incredible pizzas, with perfectly aerated dough and a delicious tomato sauce. You really have not tasted pizza properly until you have tasted pizza from here.

What we took away from this particular pizzeria was the importance of every individual flavour which goes into the pizza. It is so important to have crisp, fresh basil, paired with a tangy tomato base. When all of the flavours are perfect, they marry together beautifully.

Our next stop was the famous ‘Gino e Toto Sorbillo’. This is known to be the most popular pizzeria in Naples, and we were not surprised when we arrived to see queues bending right around the block. It is actually advised that you arrive at Sorbillo 30 minutes before the restaurant opens, to avoid any disappointment.

Sorbillo has an incredible list of pizzas to choose from, all at very reasonable prices and the service is impeccable. It is easy to see why people from all over the globe come to experience it. Similar to the conclusion we came to at Port’alba, Sorbillo emphasises on the importance of the quality of the ingredients that are used in a pizza, and this is easily conveyed through the taste of the huge authentic Neapolitan pizzas you are served.

Some of what we have taken away from our trip to Naples is that in the creation of an authentic Neapolitan pizza, all of the freshest and highest quality ingredients need to be used. This is why, at Frying Pan Pizza Company, we aim to source all of the best ingredients available in order to achieve delicious authenticity.