About us

The Frying Pan Pizza Company proudly presents our kit for you to enjoy an authentic Neapolitan style pizza in your own home…

How we started

This novel idea was born from our company – community oven pizzas www.communityoven.co.uk during lockdown to allow all of our pizza loving customers to enjoy one of our authentic Italian pizzas using all of our ingredients but in their own home.

Not only is it great fun to do with adults and children, it also tastes delicious! We are now able to post this kit nationwide so that our pizza reaches all of the far corners of the UK.

"Ordered a kit to make while staying with my family and it arrived perfectly on time and all the ingredients were really fresh. We had so much fun making them, especially stretching the dough and pretending we were professionals! They were easy to make and so delicious, the dough is particularly tasty. Would definitely order again and try more toppings too!"

- Chloe

The journey so far!

Recently, the team took a trip to Naples, on a fact-finding mission. The aim was to discover some hidden Neapolitan pizza secrets, in order to make our pizza kits to the highest and most authentic quality as possible. Of course, this involved trying out some of the most famous and sought after pizzerias in the city. We bought back this newly found knowledge back and tweaked our ingredients to make our pizzas better than ever.

the team